Valley Center Pet Events

Vendor Registration


  1. Bates Nut Farm, SNAP, and event organizers are not liable for and loss and/or damage or responsible  for any personal injury to Vendor, their associates and/or merchandise. the vendor hereby agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the above named entities from any acts or omissions to act of the vendor, its employees, agents, agents and assigns.
  2. Vendors are responsible for any damage they may cause while participating in the days events
  3. Vendors are resposible for providing their own trash recepticle(s) and leaving their space clean upon departure
  4. NO silly string, poppers, snappers, weapons or fire arms of any kind
  5. Vendor spot provided at check-in, not before
  6. Set-up time: Beginning at 8:00am. Event open to the public 9:00am-3:00pm. (No early breakdown please. Facility to be clear by 4:30pm)
  7. Facilities:Vendors are responsible for bringing their own: TABLE(s), TABLE COVER(s), CANOPIES, PRODUCTS, and DECOR. Raffle gifts and/or baskets are also welcome.
  8. Registration Fee: 501(c)3 organizations are free. $25 per space for all others.

 Fees used to defray event operating/cleanup costs.

Participating Organizations

Traditional Rescues - 501c3

  • Hoofs and Woofs

Animal Welfare - 501c3

  • SNAP - Spay Neuter Action Project
  • Operation Helping Hounds

Public entities helping Animals

  • San Diego Animal Control

Animal Centric Vendors

Food/Drink Vendors

List updated as of 3/22/2022. More TBD.


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